Michigan Archaeological Society Meeting, 5 March 2015

Next month’s meeting of the Saginaw Valley Chapter of the Michigan Archaeological Society will be held Thursday, 5 March 2015 at 7:00 pm in the Morley Room of the Castle Museum of Saginaw County History. The featured speaker will be Ashley Lemke, PhD Candidate at the University of Michigan. Ashley provided the following description of her program:

“I will be speaking about Early Art in North America: Engraved artifacts from the Gault Site, Texas

A little known aspect of Paleoindian life in North America is their artwork. In fact, rock art, engraved stones, carved bones, beads, and pendants are much more common in the Paleoindian archaeological record than traditionally assumed. Numerous incised stones have been excavated from the Gault site in Texas, and 11 of these date to the Clovis time period. This talk will present these artifacts from Gault, explore other cases of Paleoindian art, and explain what these objects can tell us about life in the Americas 13,000 years ago.”

Please join us for what will be an interesting and informative program. All are welcome to attend. Also, if you would like a preview of the topic, Ashley, along with coauthors D. Clark Wernecke and Michael B. Collins, have published an article in the latest issue of the journal American Antiquity (Lemke et al. 2015).


Theresa Breza just sent me this link to the Lemke et al. paper. If you close the “Download” dialogue box you can read the paper on screen.


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